The Swedish aid organization Yari, receives support from Founders Pledge as its first organization in Sweden, through tech entrepreneur Sorosh Tavakoli

"We are pleased that our pledgers support innovative organizations that have the potential to enhance an entire industry, especially when it comes to organizations such as Yari, which places emphasis on digitalization, evidence-based decisions and transparency," said David Goldberg, chairman and co-founder of Founders Pledge. There is also very positive research on direct transfer of donations - something that permeates Yari. Therefore, we believe that our support will not only have a major impact on the organization's future expansion, but will also contribute positively on the children they help, " continues David Goldberg.

One of the entrepreneurs at Founders Pledge is Videoplaza founder Sorosh Tavakoli, who has now donated part of his wealth to the Swedish aid organization Yari - the first organization supported by Founders Pledge in Sweden.

- After assessing different charities for five months, I decided to allocate half of my donation to Yari. There is a large dose of humility and transparency in the organization that is rare, in addition, they have digitized their business and proved that their model of charity is effective - these are some of the reason for why I believe that Yari will continue to help more children in Iran to a better life, says Sorosh Tavakoli.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of children in Iran who, because of poverty, are unable to pursue their education. For many of the children's families, school-related expenses like student fees, school books and travel expenses are too big to bear.

One of Yaris most important principles is that 100% of the public donation will go to the children. Yaris administrative expenses are funded by private donations, foundations and sponsors.

- Our mission is to create opportunities for these children so that they can complete their education and thus get a more meaningful life. Through Sorosh Tavakolis donation earmarked for business development, we will now hire our first employee, Head of Fundraising. In this way, we as an organization can continue to help more children and expand in order to become the largest charity organization of its kind, aiming to help over 5,000 children within five years, says Siavoush Mohammadi, President of Yari.

About Yari

Yari is a non-political non-religious aid organization started in 1999 by a group of friends in Sweden who wanted to change and improve the situation for the hundreds of thousands of children in Iran who are unable to attend school.
One of Yaris most important principles is our transparency and that 100% of your donation goes to the children. The organization's administrative costs are funded by private donations, foundations and sponsors.
Yaris's Board consists of unpaid volunteers, and Yari is mostly driven by volunteers with excellence in areas such as IT, data analysis, communication, organizational development, etc.
Yari has a 90 account and is under the supervision of the Swedish Collection Control (Svensk Insamlingskontroll). 

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